The Dinner Party Collective Begins!

To all, a warm welcome to The Dinner Party Collective! We are a group of dedicated and passionate Food and Wine Bloggers from right around the world who are coming together to collaborate and create what will be an ever-growing series of seasonal menus. In time, there will be a delicious array of formal, semi-formal and casual menus for you to choose from.

The first of our menus are being worked upon as we speak and will be published in early June. There will be a winter menu for those in the southern hemisphere and a summer menu for those up in the north. From then on, with each new season, a fresh duo of menus will be released for each of the corresponding hemispheres.

Included will be an Appetiser, Main and Dessert (each dish beautifully prepared and photographed by one of our individual Food Bloggers) and to accompany will be specialised wine suggestions from one of our fabulous wine bloggers (who are both qualified sommeliers). Each individual dish will be chosen carefully, to not only excite the palate, but also to complement beautifully the other two dishes selected for the menu. They will be dishes that can, for the most part, be prepared in advance, allowing you, as the host(ess) of your dinner party, to spend as much time as possible enjoying the company of your guests, rather than slaving away in the kitchen. 

So in the meantime, over the coming weeks while we await the release of our first two menus, I’d like to gradually introduce our wonderful team to you, so that you may gain a little insight as to who we all are and what makes us all so passionate about food.

Margot | Gather and Graze | The Dinner Party Collective
Margot from Gather and Graze

While I’m here… I may as well go first. I’m Margot, creator of the Food Blog Gather and Graze.

My thought process behind this idea harks back to my childhood… being in awe of my Mum preparing to host dinner parties with their group of friends. Those evenings were almost as exciting as Christmas! The beauty of watching them all gathering around a table to share food, to laugh, to drink wine, to enjoy each other’s company! I’ve never really been fond of large parties – they tend to freak me out for some reason, but give me an evening sitting about with a few friends and good food and wine and somehow it rejuvenates the soul.

My husband is (dare I say it?) slightly challenged in the kitchen, so the cooking generally falls to me (rather lucky that I love it so much), but there are occasions when it all feels a little overwhelming, with so much to prepare and I begin to stress out a bit. I’m hoping that this new project will provide an antidote to that kind of feeling, for myself and others, by providing menus that really work well when cooking for 6-8 people and allow you to relax and enjoy the evening, with most of the work having been done in advance.

Almost every Saturday morning throughout the year, I frequent our local Farmer’s Market. In wandering about and filling up my basket, my heart beats just that little bit quicker at the sight of all the amazing seasonal produce and food that has been brought in directly from the local farms of our region. Food that has been grown (or reared) with love and care; and as such deserves to be treated with the same love and respect when preparing it to grace our table at home. I believe strongly in an uncomplicated style of cooking, allowing the quality of the food itself to shine through. My hope, in time, is to convince the rest of the world that cooking from scratch is not as difficult as it might seem and that the end results are always so completely worth it.

Within my heart I’m so excited and incredibly grateful that many of the food and wine bloggers who I admire most in the world have agreed to take part in this project. To have the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas with them is truly wonderful and it’s really what I’m looking forward to most, as we work towards creating a comprehensive and inspirational website.

I hope you’ll join us on this deliciously creative journey to bring back the Dinner Party!

Cheers, Margot

49 thoughts on “The Dinner Party Collective Begins!

  1. Anne Wheaton

    Reblogged this on Anne Wheaton and commented:

    Have you heard about The Dinner Party Collective?
    You may have thought that the Dinner Party is a relic of days gone by, but Margot (creator of the food blog Gather and Graze has set out to re-establish them into the fabric of our society. Margot has gathered together a band of food and wine-loving bloggers from around the world to collectively create menus for delicious and successful dinner parties on The Dinner Party Collective website.
    While the menus are being tested and tasted ready for the first dinner party posting, you might like to find out who’s taking part.

  2. polianthus

    Reblogged this on polianthus and commented:

    Meet Margot – the dinner party collective is her brainchild – bringing back dinner parties and her vision of convincing people that preparing food from scratch is not as hard as one might think is one that I share – anyone who has ever seen those ready meals in the supermarkets packed in little cardboard boxes and imagined cutting congealed contents out of plastic pouches with a shudder, will understand why I prefer homemade food, if you have cardboard boxes in your house with ready meals – why not take a look at Margot’s website and select a simple recipe to savour, I promise you it will give you greater joy than the cardboard boxed variety and cooking as therapy is also wonderfully calming! Poli

  3. polianthus

    Dear Margot – how lovely to see your photo, it’s nice to see all TDPC guy’s pics – and to read about them – this is such a wonderful idea, I am so excited to a be a part of this global endeavour – excited to see where it will take us! Have a lovely Friday Poli

  4. lapetitepaniere

    Remarkable introduction Margot, very excited to see it up and running already! I’m honored to be a part of this adventure with you and the rest of the amazing team bloggers. Wishing you all the best xx

  5. simplyvegetarian777

    Such an amazing news Girls! Margot and Suzanne ❤️. Great concept. Look forward to the inauguration 😊. Hey psssttt….loop me in whenever you want a vegetarian recipe 😉. Bring greedy? Eh!
    Loads of love and Success.

  6. apuginthekitchen

    Reblogged this on apuginthekitchen and commented:

    I can’t tell you how excited I am to present this to you all. I look forward to my collaboration with the best and most talented group of bloggers. We will be bringing you more as time progresses. Soon you will see our first menu for a summer party and I am thrilled to be a contributor. This is the brain child of Margot from the amazing Gather And Graze, stay tuned…..

  7. Gather and Graze

    Reblogged this on Gather and Graze and commented:
    Please come and discover this new Food & Wine Project that I’m starting up with some of my fabulous blogging friends! Be sure to follow on the website, so that we can send you updates anytime a new post is published. Thanks so much for taking the time to have a look! Cheers, Margot

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