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Anatoli | Talk-a-Vino | The Dinner Party Collective
Anatoli from Talk-a-Vino

Please allow me to introduce myself – my name is Anatoli, and you can call me the wine guy if you wish.

I would love to tell you that wine was for me the love from first sight, but that wouldn’t be true. I also can’t name that life-changing bottle of wine which made me an oenophile instantly and forever. My love story with wine was unfolding at a slow pace, including the appropriate share of the White Zinfandel, Peach Canei, cute creature labels and $7 Bordeaux from the discount food store. It also included a simple thought that anyone spending more than $5 on a bottle of wine simply has no idea what to do with their money.

But together with all that, an oenophile, a wine aficionado and a wine snob were developing slowly and surely. The appreciation for the land, the appreciation for the hard work, and most importantly, the appreciation for the passion and obsession of the people making the magic happen in the bottle, was developing alongside of that slow process. And it slowly grew into an obsession and fascination of my own – for the mystery of the wine, for the thrill of anticipation of what might be hiding behind that cork, for the transformational abilities of seemingly simple white and red liquid in the glass. The stronger my obsession was becoming, the stronger was the desire to share it with the world – and this is how my own blog, Talk-a-Vino, was born about 5 years ago. From there on, the obsession grew even stronger, and I’m glad to share it with the world – and you.

Now, let me tell you why I am here talking to you from the pages of The Dinner Party Collective. Wine is a social phenomenon. For the full enjoyment, it requires two elements – food and company. Yes, you can perfectly have a bottle of wine all for yourself – but when you have someone next to you to discuss the experience and share the emotional state, this greatly enhances the pleasure of drinking that same wine. Same is true for the food – when wine and food work together, they elevate each other and create the best experience ever.

Think about the communal table, with food, wine and happy people – isn’t it where the happiness and the best experiences of life are created? I hope we will be able to help you to create those happy people moments more often. Let’s make a deal – we will give you the ideas for the food and wine, and you bring together the company. Deal? Let’s go then!

Anatoli (Talk-a-Vino)

22 thoughts on “Introducing TDPC – Anatoli

  1. polianthus

    Reblogged this on polianthus and commented:

    I am really happy and honoured to be part of the TDPC ( – in fact the more I read the stories of my TDPC colleagues the more honoured I am (and a little in awe too, I admit..) – please meet Anatoli – a fellow food enthusiast, and a wine enthusiast in a class all his own -an appreciation for the land and the toil that goes into making great wine form the foundation for his passion and he has come a long way since he believed that anyone spending more than $5 on a bottle of wine simply has no idea what to do with their money. Great menus are born when the beverages compliment the dishes, beautiful things happen when the right wine is married with the right food, and terrible things can happen if you get the pairing wrong – if you don’t believe me try a primitivo with some freshly caught unadorned shrimp – or sushi – Anatoli and Stefano (our second wine blogger) will be ensuring that we discover wonderful wines to compliment wonderful menus. I cannot wait to see what they come up and to experience their recommendations – meet Anatoli, check out his blog at Talk-A-Vino – and enjoy his wonderful writing – Poli

  2. polianthus

    Hi Anatoli – what a wonderful introduction to your love for wine – I particularly like the admission, that you initially thought anyone spending more than 5$ on a bottle didn’t have anything else to spend it on, made me smile and think of the older generation of people I know who won’t spend more than around 10 dollars on a bottle max 15 – because they consider it wasteful. That said – I did have the pleasure of drinking a LUCE once – the host had a wonderful cellar, the meal was great, the wine to be honest was spectacular, but I am inhibited to spend 100 dollars on a bottle – my cutoff starts earlier than 100 dollars indeed. Although I have no inhibitions about drinking 100 dollar bottles if they are on offer. I was recently at an airport lounge and poured myself a sip of wine, it was corked. I took it out of its bucket and placed it to one side, the staff member behind me put it back, I told him “it’s corked” – he smiles and said – well that may be, but it’s half empty so apart from you probably most people haven’t noticed – I watched the guy who poured a glass before me sip it happily ( I tried to tell him but he ignored me) and thought – the BA lounge staff member was right.

    • talkavino

      Hi Poli, thank you for your kind words, appreciate it! The journey of wine aficionado is long and interesting – wine provides endless learning opportunities… When it comes to the corked wine, I experience exactly what you are describing – when people don’t even realize that the wine is spoiled and think this is how it is supposed to taste. What is even more peculiar, I had this at the professional wine tastings, where people supposedly should know – I would come to the table with the half empty bottle and tell the host “this is corked”, and you would think about all the people who tasted the wine before and didn’t say a word… Anyway – looking forward our food and wine journey together!

      • polianthus

        Hi Anatoli – you are welcome – I am surprised that at professional wine tastings nobody spots the corked wine – that is a bit worrying to be honest…but if even some professionals cannot tell, or don’t comment, then I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at the airport lounge folks….- looking forward to our food and wine journey as well –

  3. lapetitepaniere

    Hi Anatoli! Although I personally don’t drink alcohol, I am in awe of your passion for wine, and the knowledge you have built over the years! I am very curious to find out what wines go with which foods (in particular the dishes I will help make)! Excited to be working with you on this journey and combining our passions to create happy moments 🙂

    • talkavino

      Hi Linda, thank you for your kind words! I’m very excited to be working with you as well (love your blog – the pictures a stunning). You also bring up an interesting challenge – to find some interesting pairings for the people who doesn’t drink alcohol. We might think of some virgin cocktails, at least as a starter. Looking forward!

    • talkavino

      Glad to be a part of the project, Margot, thank you for starting it. When food works well with wine, it transforms a regular dinner into an experience. Cheers!

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