Introducing TDPC – Anne

Anne WheatonI have a confession to make. I’m not a foodie, I’m not obsessed with food and cooking and I’ve never photographed a meal in a restaurant. However, I firmly believe that sitting down to a meal with family or friends should be a normal, everyday activity; that lunch should never be snatched at a desk and that, given a good set of instructions, everybody can cook.

I cook every day (albeit a little unwillingly some days) using British seasonal food where possible. We grow fruit and vegetables in the garden, collect fresh eggs from a handful of chickens and sometimes rear a pig or two. As we live on a farm, I can wander through the fields to collect fruit and leaves from the hedgerows to eat and sometimes I grind our wheat to make flour for bread making. If that sounds rather wholesome, perhaps I should add that I have to exercise great self-control not to eat more than one Tunnocks tea cake at a time.

When Margot asked if I’d like to take part in The Dinner Party Collective my mind skipped back to my parents’ dinner parties. I remember my mother cooking all day in preparation and the joy of coming down the next morning, ignoring the dirty plates and pans in the sink as I sneaked into the pantry to dip a spoon or finger into the half-eaten pavlova or chocolate mousse for a pre-breakfast snack.

Our entertaining is less formal than in my parents’ day and my contribution to The Dinner Party Collective will be for simple dishes where much of the preparation can be done ahead of the party. I’d rather make something uncomplicated and have time to chat with my guests than work like a demon at the stove while everyone else is enjoying themselves. My enthusiasm is for puddings, especially jelly. There will definitely be jelly.

Anne (Life in Mud Spattered Boots)

19 thoughts on “Introducing TDPC – Anne

  1. polianthus

    Reblogged this on polianthus and commented:

    Oh come now and meet Annie – a confessing non-foodie – who has never photographed a meal in a restaurant in her life – I know a great number of my family members would prefer going out to eat with her than they do with me…ah well. Annie is an illustrious member of the dinner party collective – a garden to table – or hedgerow to table kind of woman – I imagine wandering down country lanes with Annie and a dog would be a lot of fun. Annie loves jelly – oh I wonder what dessert she will be making – 🙂 nice to meet you Annie!

  2. Sam

    What a brilliant idea. I look forward to finding out more and seeing the recipes. I’m also partial to Tunnock’s tea cakes, especially the dark chocolate ones!

  3. polianthus

    Oh Anne – what a wonderful life you describe .- although I am sure it is hard hard work!
    grinding your own flour is seriously impressive, look forward to reading your recipes, I prefer to prep ahead so I can talk to guests too, but sometimes I get carried away!

  4. Stacey Bender

    I actually dislike the term “foodie” because it sounds so embellished. How you describe your relationship with food is so much more authentic and good rules to live by. Entertaining should be less formal so we do it more often (a rule I wish I lived by…working on it).

    • Anne Wheaton

      That sounds an excellent rule – you’re right that if we didn’t feel we have to make a big thing of it, we’d do it more often. Some of our best evenings have been the spur of the moment “come over in a couple of hours and share what we’re eating”.

  5. talkavino

    Nice to meet you, Anne! Looking forward pairing your food with the wines for the TDPC! To be entirely honest, for the sake of wine pairing, I have to say that jelly is not something I will be looking forward to work with…

  6. tinywhitecottage

    What a lovely introduction! I can’t wait to see your contribution to The Dinner Party Collective. I imagine with all the wonderful sources of fresh foods you will have something incredible to bring to the table. Nice to meet you Anne.

  7. Gather and Graze

    Love that you’re part of this team Anne! 🙂 Just googled Tunnock’s Tea Cakes and will have to try and track some down… think I could possibly be partial to these as well. Everything in moderation! 😉

  8. apuginthekitchen

    Hi Anne, I am so impressed. I love that you have a farm with chickens and pigs and you grow your fruit and vegetables. Grinding your own flour is also fantastic. I so look forward to your contribution to the dinner party! So nice to meet you.

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