Introducing TDPC – Seana

SeanaMy love for dinner parties evolved during a time when several of my friends and I would get together on late Sunday afternoons and leisurely sit and enjoy good food, wine and conversation.  The dinners were always simple, and it usually involved everyone bringing a dish to share with one another.   I remember that first dinner party when I decided I wanted to prepare dinner myself, starting with appetizers and ending with dessert and nerve-wracking as it was, I have never considered hosting a “potluck” dinner again.

Shopping for the ingredients and wine, choosing flowers, creating a beautiful table and preparing a menu you know your guests will love is when the fun begins.  I like having the table set and kitchen clean before my guests arrive.  Planning a menu you may prepare before your guests enter your door helps create a warm and calm ambience, and helps set the tone for a relaxed enjoyable evening.

I am very honored Margot invited me to take part in this ingenious project.  The Dinner Party Collective is such a wonderful collaboration of exceptional food and wine bloggers who have put together a sensational evening of good food and wine for you to host a delightful experience for your friends and family.

Seana (Cottage Grove House)

14 thoughts on “Introducing TDPC – Seana

  1. mrsugarbears

    I still have not reached my goal of having my kitchen clean and my house calm before the party starts. I feel like I’m so close to achieving this goal. 🙂 I almost had it together this past weekend. I had the candles lit, the cocktail stations ready, and then I had issues getting the music started. Wifi connection held me back this time. 🙂

    • tinywhitecottage

      Candles lit, cocktail station ready is all you really need to do before your guests arrive ;). Sounds lovely. Wifi issues seem to strike at the most inopportune times, doesn’t it? Nice to hear from you, and I understand mrsugarbears is your sweet dog…thank you for leaving us a comment.

    • tinywhitecottage

      Yes! Me too Anantoli! It’s been great to see how these menu’s and wine pairings have come together. Very informative, and I really enjoying reading your suggestions! Looking forward to the next autumn/spring menu.

    • tinywhitecottage

      Hi Sarah, a fish fry/potluck with co workers at the park sounds like a great time! It’s been years since I enjoyed a nice fish fry. Thank you for leaving a comment and so glad you found The Dinner Party Collective. I’ll stop in and read “stories from our neck of the woods”, sounds like an interesting place!

  2. ladyredspecs

    I’m pleased to put a face to your warm voice Seana. Sharing good food and wine with friends is one of life’s simple pleasures, sadly we have to be content with a virtual dinner party, but the ethos of sharing is still there. Looking forward to the spring/fall menus

    • tinywhitecottage

      I agree, the spirit of sharing really is present with our virtual dinner party. It’s great fun! And yes! the spring/fall menu is exciting, my two favorite cooking seasons. 🙂

  3. Gather and Graze

    Seana, I loved reading this intro post by you. It encapsulates The Dinner Party Collective philosophy of trying to ensure dinners that are enjoyable and special, along with being both organised and calm at the same time. Oh and to finally be able to see your gorgeous, smiling face has absolutely made my week! So grateful that you’ve agreed to be part of the team… thank you! M.xx

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