Introducing TDPC – Linda

img_0637A long time ago, I fell into the cooking pot (like Obélix into the magic potion). I had the chance to grow up in Algeria, in Algiers, a wonderful city full of flavors and colors just like it’s cuisine. Coming from a family who loves eating, cooking and enjoying the small pleasure of life always around a garnished table. I had the chance to be introduced to the cooking world at a very early age, thanks to my Grandmother. She was really good, and never used a cook book or a cup to measure. She always said to use your 5 senses in the kitchen, and I totally agree with her. Smell the flavors, see the colors, touch the textures, hear the noise of the sizzling and of course taste. We were neighbors (my grandmother, my mother and my aunts), all living in the same street. I had a lot of choice in terms of where to eat and what to eat, something I now look back as quite the privilege.

Today, after spending years in different countries I’m a mum living in Dubai. We are a nomadic family and I love that, and I always transport my roots in my suitcases everywhere I go, trying to transmit this legacy to my boys. Aside from cooking, I am passionate of the arts in general, painting (cupcakes as you have now noticed), cinema and I love reading books (anything but cook-books surprisingly…) I’m glad I had the chance to have lived all of this. I am no where near a master or a chef, but simply passionate by what I cook, and what I share. When I go to do my groceries, I never have a list, I prefer to use my senses, or follow my mood. I absolutely love receiving my family and friends at home, and feel extremely happy whenever someone asks for another portion, or serving, or is simply having a good time.

When Margot sent me an email to be part of TDPC, I didn’t believe it. It is such an honor to work with her and this talented group (with so many different yet fantastic bloggers), and although I must admit, I was a bit scared at first, I am glad I said yes, and am very excited for this project!

Thank you once again Margot for this opportunity, and (an early) “Bon-Appétit” for all the dinner parties to come!

Linda (La Petite Panière)