Introducing TDPC – Seana

SeanaMy love for dinner parties evolved during a time when several of my friends and I would get together on late Sunday afternoons and leisurely sit and enjoy good food, wine and conversation.  The dinners were always simple, and it usually involved everyone bringing a dish to share with one another.   I remember that first dinner party when I decided I wanted to prepare dinner myself, starting with appetizers and ending with dessert and nerve-wracking as it was, I have never considered hosting a “potluck” dinner again.

Shopping for the ingredients and wine, choosing flowers, creating a beautiful table and preparing a menu you know your guests will love is when the fun begins.  I like having the table set and kitchen clean before my guests arrive.  Planning a menu you may prepare before your guests enter your door helps create a warm and calm ambience, and helps set the tone for a relaxed enjoyable evening.

I am very honored Margot invited me to take part in this ingenious project.  The Dinner Party Collective is such a wonderful collaboration of exceptional food and wine bloggers who have put together a sensational evening of good food and wine for you to host a delightful experience for your friends and family.

Seana (Cottage Grove House)